Good coffee satisfies the soul and the senses. Mityana Rural Coffee Farmers was founded to combine what our farmers and local residents love most: family traditions; artisanal craft processes; building local community; and fantastic coffee. We start with beans from select farms, mills, and co-ops (yes, we visit!), roast in small batches, and package quickly to preserve freshness. We pour our passion into every roast, every bag, every day. We think you’ll agree— it’s Mighty Good!

Community Involvement
We believe that be involved in our community is one of the best ways to build community. Over the years, we’ve been involved in a variety of projects, events and other local grass roots causes intent on keeping the local flavor strong.

Mission & Values

At Mityana Rural Coffee Farmers, we make produce great coffee that begins with our relationships with farmers, mills and importers. We put all our care for the green bean through a roasting process refined to the point where we can coax out the very best those beans can deliver.

While our staff will joyfully engage you in lively conversation about any aspect of coffee growing, harvesting and production, we are equally happy to provide an atmosphere for enjoyment of our coffee in community with your family, friends, business associates or alone in your own thoughts.

We believe in the perfect marriage of craft and science as expressed in our roasting and drink making process.

We believe we can continually improve and enhance the quality of our roasting, brewing customer service.

We believe in connecting with people beyond a transaction.

We believe in connecting with other local businesses to enhance our community.

We believe great coffee can be served without pretense.

We believe in empowering our employees’ professional and personal growth.